Bamboo Socks - Puppy red

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360 degree seamless digital print bamboo socks
Style: Unisex
Material: 78% Wear-resisting bamboo, 19% Polyester, 3% Elastane
* Antibacterial and deodorizing abrasion resistant.
Fabric made from bamboo is extremely soft. Many people who cannot wear hemp or wool directly on their skin because of allergies experience no irritations from fabric made with bamboo. Widely considered as a more renewable source than cotton, materials made from bamboo are becoming more and more sought after, especially by green-conscious individuals.
* One of the most unique qualities of bamboo fiber is that it is antibacterial. bamboo fabric to be odor resistant as well as antibacterial and anti-fungal, even after multiple washes.
* Cushioned Sole: Extra comfort and moisture absorption makes your feet breathable and comfortable.
* Additionally, bamboo itself can take in up to three times its weight in water, and its fabric has the ability to pull moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate. Therefore bamboo socks are going to help keep your feet dry, thereby helping you avoid fungal infections. The toe area design is free from any irritating seam.
* bamboo socks look smaller but they are super stretchable. The fabric is durable and sustains its softness even through multiple washes.
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